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Month: March, 2012

i promise


not one person

His name starts with a c


New Volume on the War of 1812 Focuses on Bertie County

History For All the People

[This blog post comes from the Historical Publications Section, one of our sister organizations within the North Carolina Office of Archives and History.]

The Historical Publications Section announces the publication of Destitute Patriots: Bertie County in the War of 1812, by Gerald W. Thomas.

Destitute Patriots examines the contributions and sacrifices of the citizens of Bertie County in the context of North Carolina’s preparations for and participation in what has been called the “Second War of U.S. Independence.” Militiamen and regular army troops from the county suffered greatly during war from a lack of basic military equipment and supplies; yet, they offered their services to the perpetuation of the nation, its sovereignty, and the associated freedoms that had been earned almost three decades earlier in the Revolutionary War. The book’s title refers to the fact that many of these men did not receive their military pay until…

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bad B.O

There are some things in life, where you can literally sit there and say out loud to yourself, ‘no one deserves this.’ And literally NO ONE DOES. So if no one deserves it, then why does it linger around anyway? It’s like that one annoying friend we all have, that has bad body odor. Okay, maybe it’s not like that, but very similar. He’s sitting there; waving his arms around like it’s everyone’s business. I don’t even think I make sense anymore. I don’t even think I’m thinking right, and if I’m thinking wrong, then how wrong am I really thinking? I’m changing. I don’t like this unknown feeling. I have no control; the steering wheel isn’t in my hands. I can’t describe this feeling. There are some things in life that no one truly deserves. But it happens anyway. I’d like to just take this time to say a big fuck you to the guy with bad B.O.


I am waiting in the waiting room, that’s what that room is for, right? I look at the hands on the clock and then I look at my own. The hands on the clock are a measuring tool for time, whereas the faintly engraved lines on my hands indicate the number of years I am meant to live (well at least according to the myth). My mother rests her hands on my knees and smiles weakly. Her eyes are glistening with tears ready to escape. I turn away and excuse myself to the ladies room. I turn on the tap and let the water run. It’s weird how I can stop the flow of this liquid at any time. Who controls the flow of my life?
I stare at the pearl blue wall. According to my psychology class, the choice of this color was closely analyzed to sooth my anxiety levels down. I wonder if I am an exception because of the fact that I know the theory behind it or just because I am exceptional. The doctor sits down and looks through my medical reports. He is a stern man and doesn’t smile as he does the regular check up. He tells me that he will have to run some specialized tests and I try to smile back. I will be fine… I know it.

Cotton Belt Route Depot Graffiti – Take 2 – Direct Positive Effect – St. Louis, Missouri


Hot New Videos::: Mister Lies: False Astronomy & Huxley: Let it Go.


In the 1960s, a bunch of kids called the Merry Pranksters used to throw parties after taking a bunch of acid. They’d project these crazy visuals to trip out to. 30 years later, ravers used to do the same thing. Now video editors do it for the exact same reason. To f*ck with our minds! Hypnotic, restrained, and beautiful, just like the track that goes along with it. It kind of feels like being wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket of Xanax. I double dare you, naw man, I triple dare you to only listen to this track once.

Here’s another one from Mr.Lies, it’s hard to put into words a description for these. Words like dreamlike, ethereal, mesmerising come to mind, but man oh man, just stop reading and listen to the damn song already. I’ll say it does sound like the kind of song you…

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